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What if the world were a kinder place?  One in which compassion and understanding prevailed?  Where acts of kindness were a natural state?  You are living in that world! You have a choice each and every moment to live in fear or live in love. Let this blog guide you on your way. 

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Below are some examples of recently published work:

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Women’s Spiritual Poetry blog: Choppy Seas.

Bellesprit article, Calmness is Wellness.


Meet the Author:

Anita Neilson is an author, spiritual poet, blogger and YouTube creator. A graduate in 3 modern languages, she travelled, lived and worked in Europe before careers in commerce and education in her native Scotland. She now writes for many mind, body, spirit and chronic illness publications.

OUT NOW!: From the author of Acts of Kindness from your Armchair, Anita’s latest book, Soul Murmurs.


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