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Welcome to Healing Words!  What if the world were a kinder place?  One in which compassion and understanding prevailed?  Where acts of kindness were a natural state?  You are living in that world! You have a choice each and every moment to live in fear or live in love. Let this blog guide you on your way. 

Great news!  My latest book is now published! Details below:

From the author of Acts of Kindness from your Armchair comes this new offering – Rose Petals Floating Downstream, a collection of beautiful, spiritual poetry from the heart. This poetic verse explores all aspects of the Divine in the natural world, through the senses, in meditation, through our daily lives, and in the inner world of silence, peace and joy. Centred around the themes of the natural world, the play of life, transformation and prayer / supplication, the reader is transported to a tranquil, distant land; offered advice and support through life’s challenges and their eyes and heart are opened to envelop all life with love and compassion. A useful aid for personal and spiritual transformation and meditation. This is a must-have book for your bedside. Take time out from the hectic pace of modern life, dip into Rose Petals Floating Downstream and let your body and mind relax.

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Inner Stillness
Pain is an Illusion
The Siren’s Call
Aurora poem

Plus, click here to listen to this poem being recited by the Author!