Poem for today

I see You now

I see You now, in the flowing waters of the stream
Brighter and clearer than any diamond
I hear You now, in the silence of my heart
Louder and richer than any song
I feel You now, in the wind caressing my face
Sweeter and more tender than a lover’s touch
I taste You now, in the raindrops of an April shower
More refreshing than a morning cup of tea
I smell You now, in the bluebells and snowdrops of the forest
More exquisite and uplifting than any perfume

I see You now.  I see You now.

Why do we immerse ourselves so in the sensory pleasures of the world, the acquisition of beautiful things and filling every moment with must-have experiences?  Retraining the senses to experience the delights of the natural world is vital, for these are the things which will bring us lasting joy.  Stop for a while and notice them and your day will be improved immeasurably.

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