The Colours of my Mind

The Colours of my Mind

Do not pity me if my eyes are sealed shut to the outside world.
For the realm behind these shutters is a kaleidoscope of beauty.
I sit on a lotus blossom in my mind, cast adrift in ecstasy
in a timeless space where joy is pink and green
and every colour in between.
Where beauty is an endless emoticon.
I am submerged in this cosmic bliss.  I am this celestial pulse.
Would that you could see the beauty within me
and feel every colour in my heart!
Prise open the eyes of your Soul and discover the beauty that you own.

This poem reminds us that our physical eyes and this physical world are not the only way we see.  Through meditation, I have discovered amazing beauty with eyes closed.  Try being still and quiet for a few moments today and let the mind take you to a beautiful sanctuary of your imagination.



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