In my dream world I see animals roam free
Not peered at through the bars of a cage
The scent of liberty carries thick in the air
Like the heady perfume of hibiscus blooms
I see wisdom and compassion flow in men
Like a river of hope, returning these souls
from whence they came
Sweet nectar of innocence the shared gain
The longing for home grows swiftly
Captivity, a forgotten cruelty.
In my dream world all are free
To fulfil their own destiny.

The subject of zoos has been troubling me of late.  There was a story in the news this week of a gorilla shot dead by zoo personnel when a young child had wandered into its enclosure.  Whether or not the gorilla would have harmed the child was not what troubled me.  Rather it was the fact that we humans still capture and imprison animals for our entertainment or to do product testing on them.  This is the 21st Century.    We really need to learn the lessons of our past and do away with these anachronisms of modern life.

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