The delights of this world

I see a world where diversity
Cascades from a candy jar –
A mouthwatering mix of
Colours and tastes.
Each gem, as yet unknown,
Nestles up against its neighbour
Ready to be savoured –
An exquisite melange of aromas
And flavours.
I see a world where rainbow clouds
Drip honey-hued rain
On all kinds of terrain, offering
Themselves in service to all.
I shower this world
With the light from my heart
For it gladdens my Soul
To see love in its path.
Love has no borders,
Boundaries or barriers.
Love accepts all creeds,
Customs and colours.
See not with your eyes
But with your heart
And the delights of this world
Will be strewn in your path.

We have more in common than divides us:  we all have loved ones; we are all trying to find our way in the world; we are all human beings.  We will all make mistakes, some bigger than others: mistakes in judgements, words and actions.  It takes the murder of 50 people in a gay nightclub in Orlando, USA and that of a British MP (member of parliament) Jo Cox (#moreincommon) this week, June 2016, to remind us to learn from our mistakes and to become kinder people, especially to those from whom we feel ‘separate’ or ‘different’ somehow. 

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