Hush, Child

Hush, Child

This is boring.  You’re not doing anything.  Just sitting there.

Hush, Child.  I’m meditating.

Let’s think about the film last night.  That was exciting, wasn’t it?

Hush, Child and be in the present.

I’ve got an itch I need to scratch, a tense muscle I have to rub.

So do it, then come back to me.  Surrender, Child,

and let the peace envelop you like a mother’s embrace.

It does feel kinda nice.

That’s it.  Hush now. 

What are we doing later?

Hush, Child.  There is no later.  Simply now.


Yes, simply and blissfully now.  So hush, Child yet know that you are loved.

* * *

In this poem, I have cast the Egoic Mind (that part of us which likes to be in complete control at all times) as an insistent child repeatedly vying for our attention.

Be gentle with your Ego for it is part of you, yet be firm in your intention to meditate undisturbed by its thoughts of the past or the future.


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