Time to give back: Ban the Microbeads

tree of lifeThe Earth is amazing, isn’t it?  Mother Nature gives of herself – climate to provide protection and rebirth, trees to cleanse the atmosphere, rivers to provide sustenance and growth, and so on.    Why don’t we decide today (and every day!) to give a little back.  First thing you can do is actually quite major and that is to BAN MICROBEADS from your home.  You probably don’t know you have them!!  These are nasty tiny plastic beads used as exfoliators in personal care products.  They cannot biodegrade and are flushed into the seas, ingested by fish, and then ultimately by us.   To check if a product has microbeads, download the app from Google Play or App Store.  This scans the barcode of a product to check if it contains microbeads.  Learn more at www.beatthemicrobead.org and throw away any products which contain microbeads.  This is an easy, but very powerful way to show kindness to the Earth!


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