Let the walls of your life fall away around you.

This is a photo of the Berlin Wall which separated Soviet-controlled East Germany from West Germany.  It was erected in 1961 during a period in history called The Cold War, and was finally destroyed by the people in 1989.  A monstruous symbol of rampant egos, of man’s inability to understand or accept difference in others’ views and ways of life.  Intolerance leads to fear and hatred if we let if fester in our hearts.  I still find myself tutting with disapproval at a naughty child, or rolling my eyes at my husband’s ways of doing things (cos I know better, right? or so I think!).  The bright colours of the wall don’t dim the sadness of separation which many families had to endure during that time.  Now 27 years later, in 2016, we have secure walls and fences in Calais, northern France and encampments in other countries, to keep refugees out of Europe.  Please, let’s not build any more walls between us.  We’re all different.    Let’s just get on with it, lead peaceful productive lives for the good of all.

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