Kindness….It’s a beautiful thing!

When you love without, you thrive within.
When you care for others
Your Soul is swaddled in the arms of the Creator.
Each step you take
to connect with your neighbour
lightens and brightens your inner demeanour.

    The above is an extract from my poem, Kindness, and it really is a beautiful – and powerful – thing! I like to concentrate on the small acts of kindness which we can all do from home. Here are just some of the acts of kindness I have done this week:
  • I showed kindness to the animal kingdom by rescuing a slug which had found its way into our home and setting it back down outside. Maybe it was cold (do slugs feel the drop in temperature as we do?) or hungry.
  • I showed kindness to myself by doing my physio exercises and made the experience more pleasurable by listening along to a nice relaxing CD by Snatam Kaur.
  • I prayed for continued strength and perseverance for the Native American protestors at Standing Rock in the USA, and
  • During my meditations this week I’ve been sending love and compassion to all those feeling lonely.

I share these with you not for your praise but just to give you some ideas of the simple ways you can show kindness in your life. Have a beautiful week!  And remember – be kind!


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