This Time Around

I didn’t have children in this lifetime and spent many lost years mourning and regretting this loss. It ate away at me on the inside like a cancerous cell, infecting neighbouring cells with its self-destruct button.   It affected my relationships, imbuing them with a whole range of negative emotions like spite, jealousy and apathy. It affected my health, contributing to anxiety, depression and physical pain. But once I started meditating and doing spiritual reading and practice, the certainty of reincarnation washed the stain of this sorrow from my heart and I felt free and healed. I was certain that I had been a parent in many lifetimes but that I had chosen a different set of challenges this time around! I still have a deep longing to give and nurture life, and I do this in many ways: caring for our two dogs, caring for the birds in our garden, tending plants and flowers, harvesting fruit from our fruit trees, passing on fruit and vegetables to neighbours, supporting dogs charities and so on and so on…. A wonderful way to help others live a fuller life is through donating my organs when I have no further need of them.  I know that I have taken from others throughout my life (emotionally, financially, physically etc.), so I want to give a second chance of life to another when I am finished with this body.   If this is of interest to you, do some research, have the conversation with your loved ones and sign up for organ donation today. I hope the poem speaks to your heart! Much love.


This Time Around
I didn’t give birth to new life this time around
I had other challenges to face.
But know that when I discard this earthly shell
I shall give life aplenty in my passing.
If these eyes may give sight to another, then take them.
If this heart may beat in another, so have it.
If these kidneys may revitalise another, why wouldn’t I?
For I have no need for these things now.
I’m going home…to the wonderful realm of thought.
I’m going home…to the kaleidoscopic eternal bliss.
I’m going home…to awaken from the sleep state of earthly life.
So don’t grieve for this body.
Look in the eyes of another – I am there.
Feel the beating heart of another – I am there.
See the vitality spring forth in another – I am there.
Be happy and share in my joy
For I did give birth to new life this time around.


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