Christmas Wishes

hand-683909__480 I don’t need any more sparkly gifts but it’s lovely to receive them all the same.  But for me this coming year it’s important to give as well as take.  Just taking three of the things mentioned above, I need to consume less (that means less shopping from that large online retailer with its mountains of unnecessary packaging!!); I need to share more (stop holding on to money, time, things – just give) and I need to recycle and upcycle more instead of just throwing things away and buying shiny new replacements.   It’s nearly Christmas and I wish you all the most joyful of holiday times with family around you.  Remember, next time you tut at whiskers left in the sink, be grateful that you have him; next time you get annoyed at the dogs barking, be grateful that you have them; next time your body lets you down, be grateful that you have it all the same.  Much love! x

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