Thou Art Mine!

Thou Art Mine!

I had just watched a wonderful television programme about the Bronte siblings, famous for their literary works and poetry. This inspired me to call in a channel with Spirit to write a poem using old-fashioned language. It tries to convey the majesty and awe of the mountains in words which are not of my making.

O mountainous glory thou art mine!
Whose velvet carpeting affords
Soft repose to weary limbs.
Whose lithesome wind
Caresses each pore,
Gladly surrendering.
Where an outstretched hand
May touch Infinity
And embrace it within.


O mountainous wonder thou art mine!
Whose poets and artists
Have long pondered life
And sought to imbue it with light.
Whose skylines are traced
With creative imaginings
Preserving God’s masterpiece in time.

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