Carriages at Dawn

I wrote this poem after attending the wedding of my best friend Jenny to her lovely husband Gus. What a magical day and evening it was! Such a spiritual event, bringing friends and family together to share their joy on a beautiful Summer’s evening in July. These memories stay in our hearts for ever, so find a favourite memory of yours and cherish it. Go back into that memory any time you need a boost to your flagging spirits! The mind is a powerful, nourishing tool if we let it be. Hope you like the poem:

Moonlight glistens on tiny crystals
Dancing hypnotically on wispy dresses.
Laughter sprinkles its infectious fun
In the giggles of children darting around
Squealing like piglets separated from Mum.
Flowers in hair, confetti in the air
Soft kisses stolen in the night.
Eyes shine bright
As whoops of delight
Carry from the dance floor.
One song over
Then shouts for “More!”
Aunts and uncles crumple onto chairs
Cheeks flushed, brows mopped
Smiling joyful tears
At the exertion of muscles
Little used in recent years.
The cake is cut and photos are snapped.
The tempo is relaxed.
As shoulders stifle rising yawns…..
The celebration continues
Till Carriages at Dawn.

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