This week I took a break from writing to concentrate on other creative activities.  I made soup, baked bread and muffins.  I took pleasure in the act of producing good home-made food.  It reminded me of when I was a teenager and I used to spend each Sunday afternoon baking, listening to the singles chart show on the radio.  I was completely content and in the moment and I recaptured those feelings this week.

More and more, I am listening to my intuition to guide me on what I want to do and not just what I need to do.  ‘Need’ makes me feel contracted and uneasy; ‘want’ makes me feel joyous and content.  I feel so grateful to have a safe, secure home where I can do these creative activities.  I am so thankful to have a strong, healthy body: these hands are my tools and these legs are my transportation.  I will never take them for granted.

I wish for creativity to imbue your life this week, whatever form that takes for you.  Much love x

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