Seedlings of the mind

During our meditation group recently, as it was a New Moon we set our intentions for the coming month and offered them up to the Universe. It reminded me of the vegetable seedlings I had planted the week before, and which I was nurturing tenderly. I thought we really should do likewise with the seeds of our aspirations. The lines, “Do not force them lest they stretch and fail” seemed very apt to me, both to vegetable seedlings and to our spiritual aspirations. If we allow our ego to interfere and try to force the agenda or control people or events to its liking, then we will not be successful. The ego has to be removed from the process to allow our Spirit (Higher Self/Soul/Connection to Source) to come to the fore and be nurtured, for it is here that our true spiritual aspirations reside and are nurtured. Here is the poem:

Seedlings of the Mind

New Moon.
Time of hope and renewal
For planting the seeds
Of our aspirations
And watching them grow
With each passing day.
Tenderly nurture these seedlings
Of your mind
Do not force them
Lest they stretch and fail
But sprinkle them daily
With the fairy dust
Of your will.
Imagine your intentions
Embodied in reality
Walking among us
With the awe of new life.

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