When gladness becomes sadness

When Gladness becomes Sadness

How do we cope when a loved one dies?

We know it’s part of life

We will all have our demise.

Yet when gladness becomes sadness

A self-harming wound

Is wrenched open

And pent-up emotions

Run scared, chased by the

Slavering demons of fear

Who cast their trip wires

To entrap us in hate,

Anger, disbelief, sadness.


Feel these emotions and

Welcome them in

For, raw as they are,

These too shall pass

As love is blown in.

Joy at the memories

Will gladden the heart.

Acceptance the salve

To heal this wound

Gently stemming the flow

And knitting the scar.

It does feel as if we are torn apart from the inside when we lose a loved one and that the hurt will never stop. But it will. Allow yourself to experience all the emotions of grief, for they each have their part to play. Remember your loved ones, rejoice in their lives then release them. Know that your Souls are entwined for eternity as this short life on Earth is only part of the journey. You will be reunited in Spirit.

“Remember your loved ones

rejoice in their lives

then release them”


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