In the Garden (Jesus’ sorrow at Gethsemane)

As it is Easter-time for Christians, I wrote this spiritual poem to convey that even though Jesus in His Divinity knew and accepted the purpose God had chosen for him, the mortal man in Him still felt sorrow. The Garden of Gethsemane is where Jesus went after the Last Supper with his disciples when he wanted to pray to God, knowing the fate that would befall him.  I hope you like it. It comes from the heart, as always. I wish all my friends and followers of all religions a peaceful Easter time, and remember – be kind, always! Take 3 minutes of your time to read this poem.  if you have any comments, please leave them below and if you love the poem as much as I do, I would love for you to share it with others!  Much love. x


In the Garden

“yet not my will, but yours be done.”

Luke 22:42




What place is this

Where blossoms cry in pain

Dripping sorrowful nectar:

An indelible stain

On my bleeding heart?


O, sweet agony

Of tear-soaked solitude

Take these my fears

And cast them adrift

On the river of Your compassion.


Hear my lamentations:

The little self begs release.

The olive trees sigh

Tranquil whispers

And gather me up

In their loving embrace.


These hands have done Your work

These feet have trodden

The path laid out for me.

I give myself freely

Thy will will be done.

For like the olive

I cannot be without

The sturdy tree;

And like the nectar

I cannot flow without

The blossom at its Source.


Pour Your blessings over me

And hold me in Your grace.

Adored and protected

As dusk’s sorrowful rays

Extend around my aching core.

Calling me to You

In ever-increasing waves.


See, my cup overspills

With love for You

And rejoices in sweet

Blissful union.

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