The healing power of water

Estimated reading time: 3 mins.

Bad habits:

I’ve been working on trying to change my bad habits recently.  I listed them all (at least all the ones I could think of!) and gave them a score between 1-10, with 10 being the most annoying to other people.  Then beside each bad habit I wrote the opposite (positive) quality that I wanted to encourage within myself.  Top of my list to change were Impatience and Irritability, which I decided to replace with Calmness and Understanding.

How was I going to accomplish this?

Water—especially its healing and restorative powers—has been running through my mind (excuse the pun!) when I think about bad habits.  I was thinking that we use water to cleanse our body of all sorts of toxins: we sweat, we urinate, we clean our teeth, we wash our hands, we take a shower, we wash clothes, we drink to hydrate ourselves and so on.  And so I decided that if we use water in this way to cleanse ourselves in the physical body, why not use its power to cleanse ourselves spiritually?

Here’s how I do it:

Each time I come into contact with water throughout the day, I say my cleansing affirmation or mantra:

“I release this bad habit of impatience / irritability. I don’t want it any more in my life.  Please cleanse me of this habit; flush it away with the water and replace it with calmness / understanding.” 

I say this when I wash my hands, when I pee, when I brush my teeth, when I step in a puddle, when I go out for a walk in the rain—any time I come into contact with water during the day.  It’s really refreshing actually and it does work.  What you are doing is training the mind with a new, positive habit.  This needs repetition, repetition, repetition for the habit to be ingrained! As I’m doing this, I’m also imagining what it feels like to experience the new, positive quality in its place.

Over to you!

Why not give this a try? I’d love to know how you get on with it: leave me a comment.  Also if you enjoyed this post, please do share it with others.  Let’s spread the joy and positivity around!

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