Jeu décisif (the decider game)

It’s amazing what inspiration comes to you when you’re watching a game of tennis!  This fortnight is the French Tennis Open (Roland Garros) and I have been struck by the determination, fearlessness and tenacity of the players.  This is especially so in the Tie-break (jeu décisif): the decider game.


You know I’ve realised that determination is such an important quality in all aspects of life.  The attitude of “keep on keeping on”.  I’m trying to nurture this quality in myself: in my daily life, in meditation, in my relationships and so on.  It would be so much easier, and yet much less spiritually valuable, to take the easy way, to drop the raquet and say “I give up.  This is too difficult”.  But it’s through all the trials in life when I’ve needed to dig deep and be resolutely determined to overcome these challenges, that I’ve seen massive growth spiritually and emotionally! So let’s use this gift of determination wisely and to do good in life.


Courage, trust in oneself, but also trust in God.  I received some great advice the other day:  even if we don’t know what’s going on in our lives, God does, so trust in Him that everything will be okay.  We can’t see the big picture; we’re only a tiny spark of reflected Divine light, a single thread in the tapestry of all life.  We can only see our little part of the tapestry!  From now on, I’m going to be fearless in my trust in Him, handing over any doubts and all the attempts I make to control life around me (that’s a biggie)!


I’ve just looked up the meaning of tenacity and it says “the quality of being able to grip something firmly”.  That’s very apt when talking about a game of tennis or even a limpet clinging to a rock! But what about me (and you)?  Are we going to be tenacious in all aspects of life, including conquering negative, bad habits and establishing new, positive ones? Is this life on Earth going to be our ‘jeu décisif’ when we conquer accumulated karma, or will our tenacity weaken and we will need to return to play another game?

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