How to nurture resilience in your life.

What is resilience? 

Resilience:  flexibility, durability, strength, adaptability, toughness. When all around us seems unsteady, it is our ability to remain resolute and determined which sets us apart from others.  Life is a process of continuous change.  Do we fight it and struggle or do we accept change as a lesson to be learned and move forward with courage and enthusiasm?

Whatever the tasks we set ourselves today, this week, this month, the process is the same: don’t give up when progress seems impossible.  Persevere.  Be industrious.  Think of new ways of doing things which may bring more success. 

“We create our future in our present.”

So how can I incorporate resilience into daily life? 

  • Be yourself and be sincere.  Those who preach and moralise are not listened to attentively by the disinterested.  Yet those whose courage, energy and diligence shine from their eyes so brightly, light a beacon which others will (even subconsciously) follow.  They will be dazzled and intrigued to know more, and find out how they can be like this person.  This is a very important way in which to live your life and serve others—by showing, not telling, the way to others, by being as well as doing. 
  • Notice those who show by example and emulate them: the neighbour who picks up litter; the child who continues to attend school despite being bullied; the person who persists in his or her endeavours despite ridicule from others, and so on.  You know who they are. 
  • Be someone who persists in striving to make his or her part of the world (our world!)better.  This could mean: tending your front garden to keep the neighbourhood tidy and welcoming for others; maintaining a clean and tidy home (remember your outer clutter reflects the inner emotional state!); extending the hand of friendship to all who need it.
  • Follow the example of the natural world.  I watch the blue tits and coal tits at the feeder in my garden each day.  These tiny birds are constantly bullied by the larger sparrows and starlings and yet they return time and again to get food for their young.  I see the trees in the field bend time and again under the ferocious Atlantic winds and yet they persist and thrive.  I want to be like that each time a wave of pain threatens to overwhelm me:  climb into my ‘boat of resilience’ and keep sailing till the storm passes!

So make it your intention to incorporate the quality of resilience into your daily life, no matter any physical, emotional or financial limitations you may face.  Start today! I’d love to hear your feedback, and remember you can ‘sign guestbook’ here.


4 thoughts

  1. God, Anita, I am so touched by this post. Two things I do my best to live by are to make a place better than I found it & also to demonstrate loving by my presence (and still working on this). Resilience is a beautiful quality. Have a wonderful week. Light and peace to you. Be blessed. Debbie


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