High on happiness!

“So many silly wasted years trying to find happiness in all the wrong places”.  That’s what I tell myself these days.  Advice to my younger self (if I were to listen!) would be: “You don’t need to smoke, or drink or go out clubbing, or adorn yourself in diamonds and drive around in a new sparkly car, go expensive holidays you can’t afford and think only of yourself all the time.”   Phew! All that pressure to conform and be like others and have others like you!  It was so exhausting!

Unveil the real you

Why not discard this mask of unhappiness and reveal the real you.  This takes courage, but know that the real you is loved, lovable, worthy, kind and so much more than the external trappings of youth which eventually fade.  Will you be ready for that, because I wasn’t! Will you be ready to love the real you inside?  Because I wasn’t. Do you know what or who that is? Because I didn’t!

“Yes, but the excitement of the chase and the purchase was good, wasn’t it?” I hear you say.   But how long did it last before the ‘high’ faded and discontent crept in, wrapping its restless tendrils around you, squeezing out every last drop of temporary happiness? Stop doing it to yourself.  Now’s your chance to change.  Get high on inner happiness.  This is one of my favourite quotes.  Use it as an affirmation to turn your life around.  Remember that each one of us on Earth is distinct, so it’s pointless and disheartening to constantly try to be like other people.  It’s a physical impossibility, and anyway—what’s so wrong with being you?  Much love, Anita.

“If you compare yourself with others,
you may become vain and bitter;
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.”

– Desiderata, Max Ehrmann


One thought

  1. Just accepting and being yourself is sure the way to happiness, and getting out of our own heads and thinking about others. I tell my granddaughters that all the time, but not sure they listen to me. So much drama in middle school!


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