5 easy ways to show kindness today

  1. When walking the dog, let him/her sniff and snuffle around outside.  This is their version of reading the ‘news’ or catching up on the local gossip!
  2. When on the verge of criticising someone, snap your lips tightly shut and BE QUIET!
  3. When thanking someone, lightly touch them on the arm and look them in the eyes.  This is a lovely act of kindness to yourself and others:  these simple acts of connection can make a difference to your day.
  4. Before you eat, pause for a brief moment and give thanks for all the people who have been involved in bringing this food to your table (growers, transportation companies, delivery companies and so on).
  5. if you receive a request to sign a petition against a cause which resonates with you, then DO IT!  Your participation can make a difference.

Wishing you all a happy week.  It’d be great to hear your thoughts on any of these suggestions.  Anita.

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