Heal your heart through kindness!

Three reasons to be kind:

  1. if you want friends and want to keep them, be kind and nurture your friendships. Tell friends why they are important to you, what you love about them; show them they are important to you: buy them sweet little gifts from time to time which mean something to them; be there for them in good and bad times: be a good listener, not just a good talker!
  2. if your heart is breaking through loneliness, sadness or grief, turn your focus outward towards helping others, and I promise it will help to distract you from your pain.  Easy ways to do this are to become involved in a cause which means something to you or your loved ones (either online or in the physical world: signing petitions, fundraising and so on); donating your time, expertise, company or resources to someone in need (visit a neighbour, donate food to a food bank, help someone with reading skills and so on).
  3. because by helping others to heal, your heart will heal in the process.  Don’t do something for someone else simply to benefit from it yourself;  do it because it feels like the right thing to do.  With this intuitive motivation, you will find that you do get something out of it after all: a great feeling of love, connection and compassion for another human being as you see their face light up with happiness!

Be kind to each other today!  Much love, Anita.

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    • I agree Brigid! 🙂 Anita, I’m doing a class in Consciousness, Health and Healing – and one of the biggest keys of the program is to be of service as a way to reside in healing consciousness. Love this. Blessings to you, Debbie

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