New shoots of life

While Winter winds her lazy path around the natural world, blue skies arrive, peppered with skytrails.  Ground which is frozen and flooded, and every stage in between, where morning bird-song takes place in the dark, resilient shoots begin to appear.  They make their hazardous journey from the warmth and safety of the earth to spread their fingers finally touching air, vibrating with the prospect of new life – at the will and whim of the all-powerful Sun!

little seedlings in my garden

I planted these spring bulbs in late November to act as a mood enhancer for Winter should depression decide to lay its heavy blanket around me.   No low mood has assailed me I’m happy to say, and I’m delighted to see the progress of these little plants as they reach skyward to find the gently warming sun.

Where I live in Scotland, we lie on the same lines of latitude (56-59N) as the southern tip of Alaska and Hudson Bay as well as great swathes of Russia.  We are much, much closer to the Arctic Circle (66N) than to the Equator.  That said, our climate is soothed in equal part by the Atlantic ocean currents and the powerful jet stream which carry warmth and (lots of!) precipitation our way. So, we may lag behind other parts of the world in welcoming Spring’s arrival, but in my mind’s eye, I’m stringing out the bunting and peering through the glass each day as Winter’s icy grip releases little by little, to eventually pass us by.

And how will I know that it’s Spring?  Well, the daffodils will nod their heads at me as I gaze; the bluebells will cry out to me a longing for Summer; the crocus – in a myriad of colours – will burst open, exuberantly proclaiming the passing of the season.


I can’t wait! Anita.💛😁



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