Random Acts of Kindness Day 2018

February 17th 2018 is Random Acts of Kindness Day!  For something a little different, my offering to you today is 3 ways to show kindness to the animal kingdom.  Many people believe that before we incarnated as humans, we spent many other incarnations as lower forms of life, including mineral and animal, so let’s remember to be kind to our animal friends today and every day.  Here are some easy ways to make a difference:

Commit to buying only free range eggs.

They are much tastier and the conditions in which the chickens are housed are much healthier and kinder than being cooped up in tiny cages in a warehouse-sized shed with thousands of other chickens, never seeing the light of day and with no room to stretch their feathers.  Not a good existence.  Free range chickens on the other hand are allowed to roam free outdoors during the day and feed on a varied diet.  The welfare of our animals is becoming more important to us as consumers.  Yes, free range eggs are more expensive but this is an ethical choice you can make to cherish and empathise with all life on Earth.

                             image: Pixabay.

Take children to see animals in their natural environment.

Please don’t take children to zoos.  Wouldn’t it be kinder to show children/grandchildren that animals are not meant for our entertainment.  They should be allowed to roam free in their natural environment where ever possible (although I do understand that some species are endangered and a few of the larger zoos carry out vital conservation work).   Instead, take children to the park to see the ducks in the pond, or go seal watching on a remote beach while on holiday.  Take part in a nature survey online, counting the birds that appear in your garden, and so on.

                          image:  Pixabay.

Buy bars of soap

You know Grannie wasn’t all wrong.  Good ‘old-fashioned’ bars of soap are now experiencing an upsurge in popularity.  The newer versions are free from parabens (chemical preservatives which have hormone-disrupting properties) and SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate – a foaming agent, also xeno-estrogenic).  Make sure the soap you buy doesn’t contain these unnecessary chemicals.   If you can’t find these in supermarkets, you can buy them online.  Try beautynaturals.com or hollandandbarratt.com for starters.

Also, watch out for packaging.   In an effort to cut down on unnecessary plastic packaging, I ordered some eco bars of soap from Faith in Nature instead of my usual liquid hand soap in plastic containers, only to find that the soap arrived wrapped in plastic.  Aagh!    Try a bamboo soap dish instead of a plastic one.

                           image:  Pixabay


I hope these suggestions have been thought-provoking.  Have a wonderful day!  Anita.☺


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