Love is all around

“It’s written in the wind.  It’s everywhere I go.
Reg Presley.


❤ Love is…….

the wave surrendering once more to the ocean’s embrace.

the calf waiting to be born.

the flourishing weed in the flower bed.

the shared glance across a crowded room.

hands joined in prayer.

a fully-stocked bird feeder.

walking under leaf fall in Autumn.

the scent of wild garlic in the air.

the cup of tea proffered to a sleepyhead.

the bliss of God’s grace.


“And now these three remain:  Faith, hope, love. 

But the greatest of these is love.” 

1 Corinthians 13.

I decided to do some research on Corinth because I had no idea where it was or why St Paul was writing to people there.  The ancient city of Corinth was located in southern Greece, about 50 miles from Athens, on the narrow stretch of land (called an isthmus) between the mainland and the Greek islands.

Corinth was a booming Roman town, having been made a colony by Julius Caesar in 44BC.  But at the time St Paul, (one of Christ’s apostles), was writing these letters or epistles to the flourishing Christian church in Corinth (AD 53-55), the new converts to the Christian faith were struggling to live good lives in the bustling seaport and were getting into disputes with each other.  So Paul decided to write to them giving religious instruction on what doctrine and spiritual laws they should follow.

Whether you prefer the lyrics of Love is All Around or the words of St Paul, they are both imbued with the message:  love is the most important thing there is.


❤ Love is also…….

the scent of air after rainfall.

being in stillness.

emptying the trash (physical and metaphysical).

easy companionship.


the caesarean scar proudly shown.


the smile given equally to all.


the longing for home.


Have a loving weekend everyone.  Anita💛🙏


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