Arts & Crafts Revival!

Isn’t it amazing the extent to which we have seen the resurgence of arts and crafts in recent years!  There is a growing number of television programmes in the UK dedicated to upcycling, repairing, baking, sewing, and many other types of crafts such as stained glass making and pottery.  Social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook are awash with people proudly showing off items they have made themselves!  We have arts and crafts fairs to showcase the works of these new entrepreneurs, such as my local one above.  We have community ‘repair schools’ where residents are invited to bring along broken electrical and other kinds of goods and be shown by experts how to repair them, rather than simply consigning these objects to the local refuse centre.  It fills me with this joy, this arts and crafts revival.  It also makes me look at those slightly tatty and forlorn objects in my own home to see if I might somehow reuse, refashion, re-gift or rejuvenate them instead of mentally consigning them to the next trip to the local council refuse dump.

I wrote about this subject recently, being a contributing author to a book called Goddess: when she rules (Golden Dragonfly Press 2017), an anthology of female voices from around the globe exploring the role that the Goddess energy plays in their lives.  “Together, their words echo worldwide efforts aimed at ushering in a new paradigm for peace in which the feminine principles of creativity, receptivity, intuition and wisdom—independent of gender—rise to prominence.”  Let me share a little of my essay from the book with you here:

“The Divine Goddess

Healing our planet through compassion” by Anita Neilson.

It was to my earthly mother that I ran when I cut myself as a child. She would comfort me in her arms, cleanse the wound then apply a healing salve before sending me out again into the world—renewed, rejuvenated, uplifted. It is to my spiritual Mother that I turn again and again for all of life’s challenges. She resides in my inner wisdom, in my growing intuition, in a longing to show love and kindness to all life. She is known by many titles, such as Divine Goddess, Sacred Feminine, Moon Goddess, Divine Mother among others. I watch her influence smooth its healing balm across the planet, knitting together our self-inflicted wounds of egotism, intolerance, judgement and ignorance. I see her reflection in each full moon simultaneously pulling me skyward and inward. I feel her energy course through me during meditation, writing and periods of reflection or prayer. I hear her matter-of-fact voice answering my questions with the tolerance and patience of a heart full of love.

The Goddess energy has been growing in recent months and years to counterbalance the ego-bound mores of intolerance, distrust and fear which have pervaded our dealings with each other over the centuries. More and more, we awaken to what is needed now: a raising of the vibration of love and compassion in all our hearts. A beautiful consequence of this inner healing journey to re-balance ourselves is that we are then better equipped to spread love and kindness to those around us. We can lead by example not judgement; we can be guided by intuition not fear; we can accept difference with delight not suspicion. This is the Goddess in action!

Let’s actively seek out Goddess pearls of grace which encircle the planet yet have for so long been obscured by our ingrained habits of ignorance and desire. Below is one such Goddess pearl which brightens our lives. As kindred spirits and carriers of the light, we ought to make it our sacred duty to share this divine Goddess energy with others:

The resurgence of crafts and the traditional ways of doing things. The ‘old’ (feminine) wisdom of healing herbs, of make-do and mend, of making our clothes and growing our own food—these have all recently made the transition to mainstream institutions, homes and new businesses after half a century of being consigned to the peripheries.  Society now values these creative skills and attributes.  

Let us embrace this Goddess energy in every cell of our being by following our inner wisdom, listening to our growing intuition, and showing love and kindness to all life— for that is the legacy of the Sacred Feminine. 

I hope you enjoyed this excerpt from my Essay.  I used to be an avid knitter and sometime sewer.  For a while I also tried my hand at making jewellery (earrings mainly).  I no longer do these things but content myself with still retaining an element of creativity in my writing!   It just doesn’t feel as cute and fluffy as a blue knitted sheep!  Have a happy week, Anita.

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