More on patience!

Patience in action this week ๐Ÿ˜:

my husband sieving 4 tonnes of topsoil over 3 evenings before filling our newly created flower beds;

me walking very very slowly with my elderly dog, Jet, who struggles and drags her back leg, but is still keen to get out for short walks to catch up with all the doggie news (who’s been where and done what and how are they etc.ย  You can tell a lot from dog pee apparently!);

sitting to meditate twice daily despite feeling a little disconnected of late (just keep on keeping on!);

acceptance when at times poetry isn’t flowing freely (trusting that perhaps I need to do more introspection for spiritual growth, or that this body-mind needs rest for a period, or that there is some other reason of which I am unaware. ย  Just trust and accept, no forcing.

Om Shanti!ย  Have a wonderful weekend and keep a look out among those closest to you for examples of patience in action.ย  Sometimes the answer to our inner struggles is played out before our eyes and we can’t see it!ย  Much love, Anita.โค








6 thoughts

  1. I love how you say ‘keep on keeping on’ ๐Ÿ™‚
    Very true that the answers are usually played out right in front of us, it is for us to stay receptive.
    You have an amazing weekend!


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