Wings of Transformation

What does a butterfly feel as its wings flutter open and shut, like an iridescent tiny camera taking freeze frames of the ever-changing scene all around?  How does the unseen breeze feel as it holds this creature gently in its midst, instantaneously reacting to each movement of its tiny body?

The butterfly doesn’t feel anything I believe.  It exists purely on instinct, carrying out its purpose as a butterfly.  It emerges from its chrysalis, finds a mate, reproduces and lays its own eggs, beginning the cycle all over again.    The breeze, like everything created on earth, vibrates with the universal sound (Aum) at its core. Does it feel?  Does it have consciousness?  I’m not sure.  Some may say it does, directly emanating as it does from Para-Prakriti (the creative power of God in nature).

How do I feel when no matter which way I turn, veering off-centre in pursuit of some perceived point of interest on the horizon, I know that I am always, and gently, held in the midst of the eternal Source of all being.  When I come back to centre, I sense that connectedness, that unquestioning support, and you know how I feel?  Amazing.  An amazing sense of fullness, of being loved and cherished, of soaring through life, just like the tiny butterfly.  I feel I can be me.  Much love, Anita.🦋


4 thoughts

    • Me too! They’re like little messengers of the beauty and love in the natural world. Yes let’s spread out wings and fly like butterflies!


  1. Butterflies are so gracious, and you truly appreciate nature when you take time to really ‘see’ them. This is so beautifully written, I almost felt like I was hanging in suspension, free and comforted and loved. x


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