Peace, perfect peace.

This is for Debbie Roth’s fabulous ForgivingConnects  post on peace of mind.

Lately, I’ve been saying this affirmation/prayer before meditating.  These 4 things (restlessness, delusion, judgement and impatience) are big old habits for me to relinquish if I’m ever to experience lasting true inner peace.

I hope you experience inner peace at some point today.  Make the time….it’s worth it!  Much love, Anita.😘

5 thoughts

  1. Anita, this is beautiful! I’d like to share this for #ForgivingFridays this week. Is that ok with you?

    You’re welcome to link back to my post (you’ve done that once before 🙂 ), and include #ForgivingFridays in your tags.

    I love your focus on inner peace, to me that’s where peace starts! And I love love love your affirmation before you meditate.

    Bless you Anita.


  2. What a perfect affirmation for me to read today, especially, the restlessness…I’ve been sitting with this feeling for a few days now and already I’m making progress (I applied for a position in our upcoming city election this fall!), your lovely words are so calming, thank you!


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