Through the mists of time

What  a weird experience I had the other evening.  Let me tell you about it.  My husband had taken the dogs out for a walk, and I had gone out to meet them on their return.  The mist had been gathering, but now it had transmogrified into an entirely different beast….. 

The fog has a spectral quality to it this evening.  It creeps on stealth mode around each corner, into every garden, depositing silvery traces in its wake.  All life stills at its command.  The bats, who regularly entertain us with their nocturnal fly-past manoeuvres, remain ensconsed in their roost; the screeches of nearby foxes have merged into the deathlike silence.  It’s a silence you can touch and connect with.  Dog-walkers appear from the mist as if descending from some alien spacecraft after many earth-years – but mere seconds – of time away, sporting looks of bewilderment and wonder on their faces.   I take a few steps further into the street to savour this beguiling atmosphere.  The air is so still it seems to be entirely absent.  Yet, if that were so, how would life continue to survive and thrive?

Standing stock still, I surrender to this etheric blanket, allowing its essence to flow into each pore, infusing body and mind with light.  What at first had seemed antagonistic is now revealed as blessed.  I have the strangely calming feeling of my body disintegrating and becoming mere dots of energy: a multi-hued rainbow of mist, to merge with the greater body of fog which is transforming both outer and inner environments.  How wonderful it is to float on this ocean of compassion, and spread a blanket of peace over the neighbourhood!  I inhale another great lungful of life-giving ether and reconnect with my physical body, just in time to spot 3 more ‘aliens’ appearing after their nocturnal walk.

“Hello girls,” I whisper to the dogs as I stroke 2 bundles of fur and legs, cool to the touch from their brisk walk.

“We had a great walk,” said my husband.  “Wait till I tell you all about our adventures,” he added, ushering the girls up the steps and into the house.  He turned to meet my gaze, “You alright?  You look like you’ve seen a ghost!” he laughed.


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