Flights of fancy

I was watching the birds at the feeder this morning.  Their interactions are fascinating, revealing traits about ourselves that perhaps we would like to change!  Read on to watch them at work and be inspired.

The bigger starlings are constantly squabbling with each other, not even tolerating their siblings’ attempts to feed.  The tiny sparrows are equally as intolerant with each other, yet easily frightened of the larger birds, taking to the wing each time one appears.  The pigeons, meanwhile, walk about on the ground beneath the feeder, taking what nourishment they need from whatever falls their way.  They don’t squabble with each other or their neighbours over territory or food.  They just go with the flow, relaxed and easy, with the mindset that there’s plenty for everyone.

In my time(s) on Earth, I’ve been a starling for sure;  I’ve also been a frightened wee sparrow.  Now, I’m trying hard every day to be a pigeon!  Which bird best personifies you, I wonder?  Much love, Anita.🕊

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  1. It’s so interesting, I have birds come in to my yard each day too and they all know their place in the order of life! But they certainly try to contest that at times! 💕💚

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