Things that make my heart sing

Don’t you just hate those times when you’re in a low mood and none of your usual strategies works (see my previous posts on distraction, gratitude, acts of kindness, meditation)!  At times like these, I just allow myself to feel the emotions fully, knowing from experience that for me this low mood will pass tomorrow.

One thing I have found to be effective, even in the short term, is to list things that make my heart sing!  This honestly does work.  It changes the mind set from negativity, feeling sorry for yourself and so on, to seeing all the good in life, filling you with hope and positivity.   I was feeling really low this week after my elderly dog died.  She fought hard to the end (13 years and 4 months!), but couldn’t cope any longer.  With that in mind, here is my list of “Things that make my heart sing” for the day after she was put to restful sleep:

    •  Pawprints in fresh snow 🐾
    • A luminously bright moon in a clear, frosty night sky
    • The sound of my husband’s car in the driveway
    • Sparrows in the vegetable patch, pulling up worms
    • A phone call from my best friend Jenny


  • Feeling peace and joy in meditation
  • Swimming in my imagination
  • Waterfalls and forest trails: the scents, the sounds, the sights!
  • Rain on parched ground (I can almost hear it sighing with relief)
  • Puppies playing and racing around.

Have a wonderful week.  Blessings and much love, Anita.🙏

Jet and Amber one Christmas Day a few years back, admiring daddy’s new cycling gloves.


This post is for Debbie Roth’s wonderful website forgivingconnects Fridays:



8 thoughts

  1. So sorry to hear of your dear dog’s passing, Anita. They take such a special place in our hearts. May the memories live on in your heart and in time, let it sing. Sending a hug across the miles 🤗


  2. Wonderful post Anita. So sorry about your baby. I know how that feels. I keep my three in a special place in my heart as I know you do too. I learned so much from them I just wish I realized it when they were alive.


  3. This is incredible, Anita! I am so touched of your story with losing your dog this week and how you made this list afterward. God, that is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this for #ForgivingFridays – it’s such a simple tip that really works! So happy to share this tomorrow in my weekly post. You are a great contribution to my blog.

    Blessings to you Anita, and much love and a big hug. From my heart to yours.


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