Kerala Flooding Disaster

Our good thoughts and prayers surely go out to those affected in the southern Indian state of Kerala which has been badly afflicted by torrential flooding over the past month, with more than 325 people killed and 200,000 made homeless.  The amount of rainwater in this year’s monsoon has seen an increase of 30% on normal years (I’m taking these figures from

Scientists blame climate change and deforestation for the landslides which followed such huge amounts of rainfall in the region.  I’ve done some research on Kerala.  It has a population of 34 million people in an area of 34,000 km2, whereas the country where I live, Scotland, has a population of a mere 5 million in an area of 79,000 km2.  So Kerala, which is only a tiny part of the Indian sub-continent, has more than 6 times the population in an area half the size!!  Puts things into perspective.

My prayer today:

I pray that Kerala’s people may find their inner strength and determination to help each other through the awful situation in which they find themselves.  I pray that Government and industry leaders will have their eyes opened to the abuses done to the environment in India and across the world, and will finally stop these practices.  Money and convenience should not be put above caring for the environment and all its inhabitants (for there have surely also been many (unreported) deaths in the animal kingdom during this time).  Finally, I pray that we in the West will not shrug our shoulders at another disaster on the other side of the world, but will reach out to help in whatever way we can.

So, how can we help?

We can spread the word about this current disaster.  Information can lead to positive action and pressure being put on our leaders for change.

We can donate (eg.) to the Oxfam Kerala Emergency Appeal.

We can pray for those affected.

We can pray for and give gratitude to the emergency services personnel who put their lives in danger to help others.

We can use this experience to put our own troubles into perspective.  Let’s not use phrases like, “This dress is crumpled.  I’ll not be able to wear it tonight.  What a disaster!”.

It’s really not a disaster!

I felt compelled to write this today after watching the news this morning (something I rarely do, so it must have been meant for me to see).  If you do not share my views, that’s fine.  We are all entitled to our own opinions, we are all distinct and different – or are we?  Perhaps we are all interconnected and everything we think, say and do affects all others on Earth.  Something to think about.

Much love and many blessings to you today.  Anita 🙏😥

14 thoughts

  1. It does put things into perspective, you’re right. There are too many ‘natural disasters’ and horrors happening around the world, and this is truly devastating. A wonderful prayer, Anita, and one I fully support and send myself also.xx


    • Yes Brigid. It’s often the most beautiful places that fall foul of these natural disasters, which are surely caused by our abuse of the environment. I pray our leaders will learn soon, that they will be swayed by public opinion. I never give up hope.


  2. Thank you for the timely reminder of the suffering in our world, we are all connected. I pray for all this affected by this flood as well as those suffering from the ongoing impact of climate change in our world.


  3. My most recent post shares my thoughts on the fires that are burning here on our side of the world…your sobering post tells of the horrendous flooding in Kerala and yes, we are interconnected and our world is in danger…thank you for reminding us to pray and to do our best each day to save our beautiful planet.


    • Together, we highlight these issues to people, for many of us wander through life in a fog of oblivion to what is happening on the other side of the world. Thanks for your words of encouragement.


      • Oh Kimberlee. We are abusing our free will to destroy our planet and then refusing to see the correlation with ensuing natural disasters!! Still, informing others is key, isn’t it and will hopefully lead to change. Let’s never give up hope…


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