Whatever our circumstances, we all face change in our lives. None of us is the person we once were. This took me some time to realize. At first, when illness changes your life you can easily drown in self-pity and/or anger.  Read on to see how change can be such a positive event in life, making space for the new….

Watching a television program about the Invictus Games a while back jolted me out of this state of inertia. The Invictus Games is a competition for those from the armed forces who have been wounded and disabled in battle and can no longer serve. The courage these athletes show to grasp this new purpose in their life is humbling and a lesson to each of us. You may have heard the old adage: “There is always someone worse off than you.”

I’ve learned not to tether myself to an idealistic view of the past as this taints the present and blocks new possibilities for the future. I’ve finally accepted this new reality as a gift. Perhaps outwardly we appear broken but we can change our lives from the inside out!  Here’s the poem:

I lost myself a few years back
I thought my job was who I was
– but it wasn’t.
I thought my health was here to stay
– but it didn’t.
I looked to others for my happiness
– but it wasn’t there.
I was shuffling along in a bad dream
tethered to the expectations of others
trying to divide and sub-divide myself
into smaller and smaller pieces
of dwindling light.
Now I see that loss makes space for the new
and every challenge is a step along the way
to where we’re supposed to be.
There are no what ifs and why me’s.
Leave them in the past
where they’re meant to be.
I have found myself again, curled up
snugly in the arms of the Divine
where I have been all this time!

© Anita Neilson

TODAY: We all have pain in our lives (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual). It is there to teach us something about ourselves if we grasp the opportunity! There is always good that comes out of bad. Always. We may not be aware of it until much later on, but the seed will have been planted, ready to sprout. It can be very difficult to remain positive through times of change, but that’s exactly the point. It’s how we react to life’s challenges that is the making of us.   Much love, Anita.□

**I’m linking this Debbie Roth’s Forgiving Fridays

p.s.  this poem and commentary is an extract from my new book due out in early 2019.  I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, I’d welcome your feedback.  Have a happy day.



22 thoughts

  1. Your poem is beautiful Anita stripping back all that we are and can be if we embrace change. A powerful post highlighting the importance of choosing to stay positive in times of change.


    • Thank you so much Miriam. The words are very personal and dear to my heart, but if even one person reads them and is encouraged, that fills me with so much joy.


  2. I can see how the Invictus Games highlights so powerfully how we can end up on a different track, how we have to “grasp this new purpose” in life without lamenting on the past or letting feelings of frustration and resentment weigh on us. A fantastic post and I love the poem, I think it’s incredibly powerful!
    Caz x


    • Aw thanks so much. The poem pretty much sums up how I deal with things now, after the dark days of self pity and depression have passed. Thanks for your feedback Caz. It’s really appreciated.


    • Thanks Rita. That’s just how I felt at the time. That everyone wanted a piece of me, and I didn’t have any more pieces left to give.


  3. A powerful poem and post. “I was shuffling along in a bad dream
    tethered to the expectations of others” really resonates with me.


  4. Gorgeous, Anita! You are welcome to contribute this post for #forgivingfridays if you want to. To me, it’s directly related to the action of forgiveness. I love what you wrote in your poem on being curled up with the divine. 💜 Blessings to you! – Debbie


  5. I absolutely agree with your beautiful poem and post! Looking back I wouldn’t give back any of the most turbulent times because they are the ones that paved the way to the most magical perspectives and a new life.


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