Home is where the heart is

“Welcome home!” How many times in a lifetime do we hear or say these words I wonder?  And they’re said with affection, but are they said from a place of truth?  What and where is home and what does it signify for each of us?



This looks like a beautiful place to live: tranquil water, lots of open spaces, temperate climate.  Is this home?






What about this houseboat?  Doesn’t it look quaint, although it may not have an awful lot of home comforts.  Do we need these in order for some place to be called home?





Goodness me, this takes me back to books from my childhood.  The perfect brother and sister, sitting amicably together on a comfortable armchair, contentedly reading a comic book.  I remember this vision of home, but it doesn’t resonate with me now.  I wonder how many modern-day families would recognise this image as ‘home’!




So then, does the concept of ‘home’ change as we age?  For many people, this image is the perfect representation of home: family.  Now family can be people to whom we are related; it can be a church or civic group; neighbours; pets, whatever our group is that we can relate to and feel drawn to.



So for me home is summed up nicely thus:

Have a great week.  Much love, Anita.😀🌼


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    • Thanks Karen. I have a relative who’s considering moving 500 miles to be closer to her grandchild and this is what prompted my post. Home is where the heart pulls you. That’s all there is to it. Take care and thanks for your positive, lovely feedback. I appreciate it.


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