Rose Petals Floating Downstream

Hi everyone.  Do you want to take time out from the hectic pace of life?  I have just the thing for you – my new book, Rose Petals Floating Downstreama collection of beautiful, spiritual poetry from the heart. Dip in and let your body and mind relax.

Here’s the blurb……

From the author of Acts of Kindness from your Armchair comes this new offering – Rose Petals Floating Downstream, a collection of beautiful, spiritual poetry from the heart. This poetic verse explores all aspects of the Divine in the natural world, through the senses, in meditation, through our daily lives, and in the inner world of silence, peace and joy.


Centred around the themes of the natural world, the play of life, transformation and prayer / supplication, the reader is transported to a tranquil, distant land; offered advice and support through life’s challenges and their eyes and heart are opened to envelop all life with love and compassion.

A useful aid for personal and spiritual transformation and meditation. This is a must-have book for your bedside.

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Treat yourself or a loved one for Christmas!

Much love and blessings, Anita.  (on a happy cloud!)🌥🌝



  1. Congratulations! Sounds beautiful and therapeutic, equally enjoyable and practical to help everyone lead a richer, more mindful, more spiritual and grounded life. You should be very proud! ♥
    Caz xx

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