The Wizard Sun

How the old Mountains drip with Sunset
How the Hemlocks burn –
How the Dun Brake is draped in Cinder
By the Wizard Sun
Emily Dickinson

I’m fascinated by sunsets.  But what happens at the curtain call of day?  Is it a period of rest for the cosmos in preparation for another bright new day?  Of course not, because as the sun sets in our part of the world, it rises in another!  Our star (the sun) never rests.   It beams out an unending source of energy. 

Dr Louis Barbier, a NASA astrophycist, explains just how much energy the sun produces.  “The Sun’s output is 3.8 x 1033 ergs/second, or about 5 x 1023 horsepower. How much is that? It is enough energy to melt a bridge of ice 2 miles wide, 1 mile thick, and extending the entire way from the Earth to the Sun, in one second.”  NASA Cosmicopia.

This huge ball of nuclear fusion in turn enables all species to thrive on this 3rd rock from the sun which we call home.  The colours produced at sunset can make it appear as if the day’s scenery is being burned from memory, that the grand universal stagehands are waiting off-stage preparing to erect a whole new set of scenery for the next day.  It echoes life’s eternal cycle: sunrise, day, sunset, night.  Then repeat.  As another great American writer, Ralph Waldo Emerson says, “Every sunset brings a promise of a new dawn.”

Enjoy your sunset tonight everyone and look forward to a new dawn tomorrow.  Much love, Anita.  I leave you with some more beautiful sunset images.

9 thoughts

  1. Literally and metaphorically, sunrises are pretty powerful. I do like the idea of a ‘curtain call’ on the day and the quiet hope it brings for a new day. I’d never known quite how powerful the sun can be – it could “melt a bridge of ice 2 miles wide, 1 mile thick, and extending the entire way from the Earth to the Sun, in one second.” Woah, that’s impressive!
    Sunsets really are beautiful xx


    • I know Caz. I was astonished by that fact. That’s why it’s probably vital that our ozone layer isn’t depleted any more than it is!!!! Anita.


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