The alternative 2018 Advent Calendar

Fed up with the usual Advent Calendar?  Cheap chocolate shapes behind doors that are infuriatingly cumbersome to open?  Here’s my gift to you – the alternative (free) 2018 Advent Calendar!  No bad chocolate to sicken your palate, but plenty of practical tips to spend a wholly more spiritual advent season.

I looked up Advent.  It stems from the latin word adventus, meaning coming or arrival.  For Christians this refers to the coming of Jesus Christ on Earth more than two millennia ago, and in churches around the world Advent is traditionally seen as a period of preparation to celebrate His birth.

Whatever name you give your God, whatever faith you belong to, know that all sincerely devoted paths lead back to Source.  Why not use this Advent time for self-improvement and reflection, for laying a good foundation in preparation for returning to Him.  Use my Advent Calendar to help you.  We are all here on Earth to work through our weaknesses, use our skills to help others, and find our way back to God.

Let me know how you get on!  Much love and many blessings.  Anita.🙏😁🎄

Click on the image below to download the pdf:

6 thoughts

  1. This is such an excellent alternative Advent Calendar! All brilliant ideas, I like the one about keeping silent if irritated (so close to Christmas, it’s easy to get frustrated and later wish you hadn’t hadn’t said anything..) The one I can’t do is keeping bird feeders stocked up; we had to get rid of ours when the cat next door adopted us, can’t risk encouraging birds when he’s around! Thanks for sharing this, Anita 🙂
    Caz xx


    • You’re welcome Caz! Yes keeping silent. After many years teaching teenagers, I honed that skill to almost perfection haha!! Thanks for the feedback. It’s appreciated. Anita x


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