Christmas blessings

Why not give yourself a mini challenge today?  Pause in the middle of whatever task you are doing, and mentally list five blessings in your life.  Do this five times throughout the day, with five different blessings each time, and you will have amassed a whole bucket-load of blessings to be grateful for and to remember when times get tough.  Here are a few of my blessings for today.  Have a wonderful week.   I would love to hear some of your blessings!  Anita. 😊🎄❤

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  1. A wonderful post, I do think that recognising and appreciating the good things and blessings, no matter how small, is a powerful, positive thing for all of us to do. I’m blessed today for being safe and warm at home, for still having my parents in my life, for keeping my sense of humour through the tough times, for knowing such amazing people like yourself in this lovely blogging community. I hope you have a lovely week ahead, Anita  ♥
    Caz xx

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