Out with the old (2)

I love this quote from Rumi above.  It was the starting point for my new PODCAST channel on Soundcloud (yay! – major learning curve overcome).  This episode offers guidance on how sorrowful thoughts can be used to our advantage.  It’s a 5-minute listen, easy to do while you’re busy with daily tasks.

You can tune in here:  Podcast Episode 2 Out with the Old

I would love your feedback and any helpful suggestions!  Anita.

2 thoughts

  1. Oh wow congrats on the episode 2 podcast! I love that quote you included here, it’s such a refreshing perspective to take. I love the gentle introduction, and your voice is easy to listen to so I hope you continue with these! I like the imagery, the thought of the room, the new shoots underneath. You’re right, challenges can seem ‘insurmountable’ sometimes, but hindsight and perspective are powerful in rising above it all, in surviving and seeing the brightness. Love it, Anita! xx


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