Nostalgia and Love


What if our four-year old self knew what was ahead of us!  Would we still make the same choices, do the same things?  Or would knowledge of what was to come dampen our enthusiasm for being a daredevil, or indeed encourage us to jump outside the box from time to time and do crazy things?

This dress was probably made out of a curtain!


This photo was taken when I was four years old (that’s why the picture quality isn’t great.  We’re talking 1968 here).  Look at my wee dimples.  What a cutie pie!  Such innocence in the face of the young.  Goodness, I am hit by such a wave of nostalgia as I look at this image.  Little did I know of the adventures and challenges which awaited me through life:






On the Arran boat ferry, many moons ago.


All the wonderful holidays at home!





Paul and I in Florence for my 40th birthday.




… and abroad.








Those moments in life when you ask yourself, “What the hell just happened?”




The ill-advised fashion choices (my only excuse is that it was the early 90s)!

With Obelix




Meeting your ‘heroes’!




my real hero

Enjoy every moment of this life.  It’s amazing, isn’t it?  Be kind to yourself (no more negative self-talk, feeling self-pity or cutting yourself off from others); be kind to others (and I mean all life – animals, people, the environment).  And remember, if you never have moments of rest, you can’t really savour the highlights.

Much love, Anita.🤸‍♀️🎈🎭


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