A friend in need

Today I’m featuring this post by Eilidh Horder. If you, or someone you know, has struggled with mental health issues this is a must-have read. Eilidh talks about the true value of friendship for those suffering from mental health, including that which we give to others, and how honesty is key. No more pretending we’re fine when we’re not; no more shutting ourselves off or not wanting to be a bother to others; but equally re-evaluating how good a friend we are and have been to others.

Read Eilidh’s post here. Much love, Anita.🎈

4 thoughts

  1. Whatever we may be going through in life, we always need our friends. Friendship means different things to different people, but it always means being there for the friend. I think sometimes just letting someone know that you care about them, and are willing to simply listen means so much. Many times people do not want our advice; they just want to be heard.

    • So true Linda. It’s not always easy being a friend to somebody who is going through a rough time, but those are the times when friendship can matter the most.

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