Summer heat rising

Well, we are being blessed in Scotland with summer heat for a few days and it made me think back on childhood summers which seemed to go on FOREVER. School had finished and now it was time to explore the natural world around us and play games with our friends.

We loved to make daisy chain necklaces, play “Six white horses in a stable, pick one out and call it Mabel” with two balls up against a wall- if anyone remembers this please let me know as I have forgotten the rest- or hopscotch on the pavement outside. Then of course we had farmland and meadows to run through, and two seaside beaches to visit only after the heat of the day had burnt away. My goodness, how blessed and lucky were we to grow up in such an environment. And didn’t I take it for granted!

"Summer heat rising:  
shimmering nebula
of movement and sound
a symphonic concerto
playing in my mind

So what does my idealised home town look like now? Here are a few images. I no longer live there but it still stirs the emotions when I see photos or visit:

Have a great day everyone whatever you are doing. Much love, Anita.😏🌻

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  1. Aww it’s lovely to look back on those childhood summers. I was thinking about my own just the other day because I’m sure when I was little we used to actually have a proper summer, for weeks, with warm, sunny weather. Now, it’s like odd days of warmth and the rest is pretty miserable. I’m glad you made the most of your childhood long summers enjoying it, as did I, it’s a shame to think of spending the time attached to phones and iPads rather than making daisy chains & exploring fields!
    Caz xx

    • I know! I can still appreciate the magical especially in the natural world. I had a lovely and loving childhood and I’m so grateful for it. Thanks for stopping by. Anita

    • Hey Rita! Thanks for stopping by. I wonder if the current generation knows how to make a daisy chain? A lost art maybe. Happy days, Anita.

    • I know! A time of innocence and no responsibilities. I’m sure there were bad times, but I can honestly look back and say I had a lovely and loving childhood and I’m so grateful for that. Thanks for stopping by. Anita

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