What if…?

This wee poem came to me last night as I lay in bed. The first for ages! I am feeling so inspired and creative at the moment, so I will take full advantage while it strikes. Click on the image of Paris below to access the poem and do let me know what you think! Much love, Anita. 🙏😊

7 thoughts

    • I’m glad you liked it Linda. It’s like you say, we must heed the call and write down the words
      which can so insistently fill our consciousness! Anita.

    • Oh thanks Rita. This poem was just wanting to be written down last night – so I obeyed!
      I’ve no idea where it came from. Glad you liked it. Anita.

  1. Your inspiration struck gold with this. I love the change of perspective, and especially the poignancy of the final lines with “And would not reason, make treason of nightfall?” Beautiful, Anita. x

  2. Sometimes those are the best type of written words. The ones that come from our unconscious inspiration and just flow from our heart and mind onto paper (or keyboard). Keep it up Anita! Great work!

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