Self-Realization of the awakened soul

What is self-realization?

Well, it’s many things to many people.  For some, it’s simply the fulfilment of our character, our dreams, our place in the world.  Often the first thing people ask us when we meet for the first time is, “And what do you do?”  We are identified with the position we hold in our community, aren’t we? 


I remember with such clarity the time in my life when I had to retire on medical grounds.  Pretty soon thereafter, I was left feeling distraught and completely lacking in purpose. This was the exact opposite of self-realization as I envisaged it at the time.

For others, self-realization is a deeper knowing of our role in the universe, of being awake to and aware of all our infinite capabilities, inextricably linked to Source (God, the Creator).  We realize that we are not this body-mind; we simply inhabit it temporarily.  It took trauma and crisis in my life to open my eyes to this eternal truth, and I’m forever grateful for it!


Read the full post on Bellesprit magazine, here.

Have a wonderful week. Much love, Anita. Send me your thoughts. I love to connect!! 😊❤

8 thoughts

  1. Thanks, again, Anita. I relate to this right now, “deeper knowing of our role in the universe.” On the precipice of 75 I witness sickness and death in peers and family, while I am becoming healthier than I have for a long time. It causes me to ask why. What am I meant to be and share for the common good? I’m paying attention and responding as it unfolds.


    • Wonderfully inspiring Rita! Others will also notice the positive changes in you and will be saying to themselves, “I want some of that!” For me, it’s all about love, and how we are so interconnected that everything we think, say and do affects the whole, something I don’t think the majority of us think about when we are younger and making our way in the competitive world. Thanks again for your lovely comments. Anita😏


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