The woman behind Healing Words

Anita Neilson is an act of kindness devotee.  She started this blog to focus  on the small acts of kindness and compassion which can make a big difference to the world around us—and are easily done from home!

Anita has Fibromyalgia and M.E. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and her blog is unique in showing others in similar circumstances how they also can contribute to the world!  Through acts of kindness we can stay connected and make a positive contribution.   Anita started blogging and writing at the lowest point in her illness, when she felt completely incapable of contributing to the world around her, as she was (and still is) mostly housebound!  That’s when she realised that kindness was the key to helping her accept and live with this new life of chronic illness.

On this blog you will find spiritual poetry, articles on how to live with a chronic illness and inspirational posts on how to live a kinder life. 

In just over 1 year, she has already been published on other websites and publications, including Kindred Spirit Magazine, Thrive Global, Best Self Magazine, Fibromyalgia Magazine, Bellésprit, Finer Minds and Women’s Spiritual Poetry.  Enjoy and be inspired!  Start the conversation and share what you enjoy!

Anita’s book, Acts of Kindness from your Armchair, Ayni Books 2017 is available in paperback and ebook from  Amazon, and others.   Click on Books and Audio for more info!  Anita is now working on her next book – a compilation of poetry, prose, affirmation and story.  Coming soon!


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    • Thank you. It took me a while to realise I could still contribute to the world and help people through kindness even though I was mostly housebound. Gives you hope and contentment. Wonderful to connect. I look forward to following your blog.

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