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Soul Murmurs is a must-have collection of poetry and prose imbued with spiritual wisdom from east and west. Each page, resonating with peace and calm, offers comfort and moments of reflection in a fast-moving world. In this compilation you will discover meditative verses which speak to the heart and soul; silent cries of longing for meaning; joyful searching for the Divine within and in the wider world and insights on aspects of human life that we all experience!

Some advance praise for Soul Murmurs:

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“There are many uplifting pieces of prose/poetry in this collection that will speak to a wide variety of people. For instance, I’m a secular humanist who is just exploring the concept of non-religious spirituality. My wife is a highly spiritual, non-religious person who has a lifelong connection with her spirituality. Both of us enjoyed several entries and plan to dip in and out of this book throughout the seasons to see what else each of us can glean from it. Recommended for those who want a bit of inspiration from time to time. ” April A. Taylor (Reviewer, Netgalley)


“This is a book to pick up, enjoy a section, put it down and let the ideas continue to inspire you. The author has discovered the power of meditation, of seeking calm in this busy world and that the imagination is our gateway to any experience, whether or not one’s body can follow along. If you are looking for a book which will provide some inspirational ideas I would certainly recommend this.” Rosalind Bryden, Reviewer.

“I am smitten with the joy and ebullience bubbling through on each page. And the poems! Oh the sweet poems – truly they brought me to That place. It reminds me of reading Rilke.” Mariah McKenzie, author of More.

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My second book, Rose Petals Floating Downstream, is available online only. Simply click on the image opposite for more details and to purchase. Here’s the blurb:

From the author of Acts of Kindness from your Armchair comes this new offering – Rose Petals Floating Downstream, a collection of beautiful, spiritual poetry from the heart. This poetic verse explores all aspects of the Divine in the natural world, through the senses, in meditation, through our daily lives, and in the inner world of silence, peace and joy.  A useful aid for personal and spiritual transformation and meditation.  Take time out from the hectic pace of modern life, dip into Rose Petals Floating Downstream and let your body and mind relax.

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Acts of Kindness from your Armchair is my first book.  Click here to watch the video trailer. It is an exploration of how each of us can make a meaningful contribution to the world through simple acts of kindness, all easily done from home. This beautiful heart-felt book acts as a practical guide to the ways in which thoughts, words and acts of kindness, both inward and towards the wider world, can create real change.

It leads us on a journey from compassionate self-analysis and meditation; kindness towards others both in person and online; kindness towards the animal kingdom and finally caring for the planet―one little step after another!  This toolkit of ideas and practices arose from the author’s personal experiences in her quest to find a new purpose in life, despite health limitations, through the power of kindness.  Small acts of kindness make a big difference to the world around us!

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