My latest book, Rose Petals Floating Downstream, is now available on Amazon. Simply click on the image opposite for more details and to purchase. Some advance praise for Rose Petals Floating Downstream:

“This tender poetry collection, Rose Petals Floating Downstream, guides us on a journey of self-reflection and transformation.  Anita’s beautiful words, express the many experiences of life, reminding us to slow down and re-connect to the ever-changing beauty within and around us.  This book is wonderful spiritual companion and support through life.”

Karen Lang – Author, Courage, and blog Living in This Moment.

“I found tremendous comfort in the author’s gentle prose. Rose Petals Floating Downstream is a collection of poems to savor over and over.”
Jill Weatherholt – Author, Harlequin Love Inspired.

Rose Petals Floating Downstream lures the reader with gracious comfort than catches you up with a startling phrase like “Soft silken raindrops/ alight on my soul/ as the dance of life begins/ and you curl around my core.” (On Angels’ Wings).  Anita Neilson’s spiritual poetry is solace for a fractious world.  Jump in.”
Rita Kowats – Spiritual Guide; Author of blog, Spirituality Without Borders.

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Rose Petals Floating Downstream

front-cover-aokAn exploration of how we can make a meaningful contribution to the world through simple acts of kindness, all easily done from home. This beautiful heart-felt book acts as a practical guide to the ways in which thoughts, words and acts of kindness, both inward and towards the wider world, can create real change.

It leads us on a journey from compassionate self-analysis and meditation; kindness towards others both in person and online; kindness towards the animal kingdom and finally caring for the planet―one little step after another!  This toolkit of ideas and practices arose from the author’s personal experiences in her quest to find a new purpose in life, despite health limitations, through the power of kindness.  Small acts of kindness make a big difference to the world around us!

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Acts of Kindness from Your Armchair

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Here’s what people are saying about Acts of Kindness from your Armchair:

“Inspiring and empowering”, Jim Young, author of ‘Aware in a World Asleep’, ‘Sip and Savor’ and others.

“Like a spiritual guidebook for harmonious living”, Catherine L. Schweig, Editor of ‘Bhakti Blossoms’, ‘Journey of the Heart’ and others.

“This is great for people who want to help but don’t know where to start”, Dawn’s Reviews.

“This inspirational book is all about being love and kindness in daily action and should be on the ‘must read’ list of schools across the land”, Patricia Iris Kerins, Channel and Soul Coach, Author of ‘The Magic of the Magdalene Key’.

“For anyone wishing make a difference in this world, ‘Acts of Kindness’ isn’t like any other book. In it Anita shares her own tried and tested solutions to act kindly in the wider world. There’s something for everyone, no matter their reasons why they may find themselves unable to engage beyond the home. Anita takes her readers through a journey from starting to act and think of yourself in an accepting forgiving way, to making a real difference to people and animals locally and globally. Kindness oozes from every pore of this book straight from the generous heart of Anita herself. If you are looking for a practical way to engage with meaning with the world you find yourself in and to alleviate suffering, you need look no further than this shining gem of a book. I can’t recommend it highly enough!” Jenny Light, Author of ‘Living Lightly: a journey through chronic fatigue syndrome’.

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