Why is it so difficult to forgive? Because the Ego is wounded. It wants to be right and for others to be wrong.  But there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.  Both parties are simply on either end of the one line of truth, and just like the Tug of War rope, you can only be victorious by bringing the other down.  There is another way!  What would happen if you just let go of the rope?  Agree to disagree and end the pointless tussling to and fro.

Gossamer Wings and Squeals of Delight

Gossamer Wings and Squeals of Delight

Faerie rings where nature sings
Its joyful call to play
Sandalphon’s strings are played
Within this woodland sphere of blue
Nymphs and sprites and flames so bright
Frolic and spin, alive in the night.
Gossamer wings flit to and fro
And squeals of delight permeate the site:
This sacred sphere, this magical sight
The woods are alive with Faeries tonight!

Look behind the mask

We all put on masks in our lives, sometimes several: professional, religious, familial, neighbourly and so on.  We like to try and control how others will see us, don’t we?  Keep this in mind when interacting with people today, especially those you find ‘challenging’.  Try to see behind their mask to reach a greater level of understanding.

Colour therapy

I was watching the film Pleasantville last night.  If you haven’t seen it, I thoroughly recommend it – the subject matter is about a modern-day teenage brother and sister who are transported into a 1950s sitcom, where everything is in black, white or grey.  It made me realise how much we take colour for granted.  Imagine what the world would be like (and the effect on us emotionally, and subsequently, physically) if everything on Earth was black, white or grey!  I’ve started to read up on colour therapy online and how wearing certain colours can positively affect your emotions and mood.   It may be worthwhile trying out different colours each day to see what effect they have on you personally.  If anyone has tried this already, I’d love to hear your comments. Continue reading